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  • Improving Postural Imbalance
    Improving Postural Imbalance

    Whatever postural problem may exist, it affects more of your body than you may realise. Since all your soft tissue is inter-connected, a problem in one area of your body can affect the area next to it. For instance, the muscles on one side of your lower back can tighten, causing your body to adjust by twisting slightly. This affects your upper back and hip area as your body tries to compensate.

  • Increased Mobility
    Increased Mobility

    Limited mobility comes in many forms. Someone may find it difficult to move around as a result of sore knees, hips, muscles and other areas of the body that for one reason or another do not seem to function as effectively as they might have at a younger age. A massage will improve both circulation and flexibility after treatment.

  • Recovery & Prevention of Injuries
    Recovery & Prevention of Injuries

    Anyone who routinely pushes their physical limits through any movement, sports, strength training and aerobics can benefit from a massage. Whether you are a weekend warrior that fits in workouts between work and family or a serious athlete, massage in an important part of any sports regimen.

Your Remedial & Sports Specialist

Zing Massage Therapy is located in Cleveland, part of the beautiful Redland City area, Southeast of Brisbane. Zing Massage Therapy is conveniently located for people seeking Remedial and Sports massage treatments in the nearby suburbs of Alexandra Hills, Thornlands, Victoria Point, Ormiston, Mount Cotton, Wellington Point and Redland Bay.

At Zing Massage Therapy we use a combination of Remedial, Muscle Activation & Muscle Energy Techniques with Lymphatic drainage if required (deep and light pressure).  My primary focus is on YOU the client and how to treat the condition, injury and to help prevent it recurring and to reduce the symptoms. This is by educating my clients with exercises and or stretches to maintain and ultimately restore your body to optimal health! 

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About Zing Massage

Zing Massage Therapy specialises in remedial and sports massage treatments. All sessions are customised to suit the needs of YOU the client, and may incorporate a variety of techniques, swedish, remedial, deep tissue, lymphatic and sports.

Latest Tip

Salt crystal lamps are used in Alternative Medicine because of their ability to improve health through the production and release of negative ions into the air. These negative ions are produced when a salt crystal is heated by a bulb, and help to cleanse the air of harmful particles which may provide complementary treatment for many illnesses.


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If you would like to make a booking or have a general inquiry please phone Angela at Zing Massage.

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