Massage Clinic Self Care - Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil at Zing Massage Therapy

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil


A soothing massage oil that has been specifically formulated for easing acute conditions and localised areas of discomfort throughout the body. It is the strongest product in the Zea Relief Range.

The highly-concentrated combination of soothing native botanicals, including Australian Sandalwood, Nerolina and Lemon Myrtle, have been included to enhance and extend the natural benefits of Kunzea Oil.

The deeply conditioning oil is non-greasy, with a pleasant mild scent and readily absorbs into the skin.

This massage oil is ideal for trigger point therapy and deep tissue remedial massage, it is best used for soothing injuries and injury prevention.

It is the strongest formulation in the Zea Relief range and is recommended for applying to the skin near the source of the discomfort.

To reach more widespread areas of the body, we recommend following up the application with the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream - see our Concentrated Combo for more information.

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