Massage Clinic Self Care - CJ Repair Pack for Men at Zing Massage Therapy

CJ Repair Pack for Men



This pack, especially formulated for men who want to get the most out of life, was designed for releasing muscle pain and tension, boosting relaxation while removing the build up of lactic acid, ensuring you can keep improving your cardiovascular health as well as strength gains. Magnesium sprays need to have an accelerator, our blend with MSM and detoxing nutrients ensures you will power through your day and then rest well at night.

Why CJ & CO Repair Pack?
This pack combines the benefit of our powerful magnesium and MSM spray together with the massage and lymphatic sequence makes this kit an essential and simple way to include relaxation and therapeutic massage in your daily routine.

The Repair Pack includes
500mL Muscle Spray
Massage Gloves

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