Massage Clinic Self Care - CJ  Performance Pack for Men at Zing Massage Therapy

CJ Performance Pack for Men



This men's kit is all you need to feel fresh, energized, and alive. Support your lymphatic system to clear out lactic acid, reduce stress, and transport nutrients to restore and repair your skin, while boosting circulation, reducing inflammation & releasing tension & pain.

Looking after yourself needs to be easy and show results fast. Targeting on detoxification, our Naturopathically formulated performance pack turns on and supports your lymphatic system from head to toe. 20 years of clinical research focusing on improving circulation of blood and lymph has led to hundreds of clients now performing at their best using their lymphatic system as their secret weapon. Cleaning your body and then applying our products following Chelsey Jeans drainage sequence will nourish even the most aged and weathered skin.

The Performance Pack includes:
250mL Muscle Spray
125mL Face Moisturizer
500mL 3-in-1 Hair & Body Wash
2x Cleansing Konjac Sponges
2x Dual-Action Lymphatic Gloves

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