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About Zing Massage

Zing Massage Therapy is owned and operated by Angela Pidgeon.  Zing Massage Therapy is located in Cleveland, part of the beautiful Redland City area, Southeast of Brisbane. Zing Massage Therapy is conveniently located for people seeking Remedial and Sports massage treatments in the nearby suburbs of Alexandra Hills, Thornlands, Victoria Point, Ormiston, Mount Cotton, Wellington Point and Redland Bay.

Angela's Qualifications:

  • Remedial Massage Diploma 2010
  • First Aid Certified 2021
  • KingMyoPro (Assessment & Treat) 2018
  • Positive Notice Blue Card expire: 11/22
  • RockTape - Upper Limb Taping 2018
  • Chapmans Reflexes Course 2017
  • Myofasical Cupping Technique - Level 1 2018

Zing Massage difference is Angela's natural ability to think about the relationship with the muscles and alleviate the area of discomfort.

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Our Therapies

Zing Massage Therapy specialises in remedial and sports massage treatments. All sessions are customised to suit the needs of YOU the client, and may incorporate a variety of techniques, remedial, lymphatic drainage and sports.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage uses corrective techniques for rehabilitation, pain relief, improved muscle function and mobility. 

Normatec Compression

Provides a mechanical massaging of the muscles through inflatable garments you wear on your legs/hips or arms, the system replicates the enhanced blood flow created by walking, running or cycling. Helping to reduce soreness & fatigue in muscles.

Sports & Injury Management

Sports Massage is used for injury prevention, pre and post sports event preparation, and recovery, flexibility, endurance and increased performance. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, rhythmic technique that cleanses the connective tissue of inflammatory materials and toxins, enhances the activity of the immune system and reduces pain. 


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A great way to SAVE money, consider pre-purchasing one of Zing Massage Packages. By paying up-front, clients requiring frequent visits can SAVE 10%.


Pack of 5  massages

$ 427.50

Save $47.50

Package includes 5 x 60 minute massage therapy sessions.

Pack of 10 massages


Save $95

Package includes 10 x 60 minute massage therapy sessions.

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